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Your pet stone

is already waiting for you!

After all, you have long wanted
to find something special?

34.50 12.90 $


Make a special gift for your loved ones

See the world from the other side

With him you can learn Zen!

The most alive stones-pets

It defies explanation!

No one to trust their secrets to?

The pet stone will help you!

Have you dreamed of a wise listener for a long time?

Pet stone is the most suitable option!

Need a little sympathy?

The pet stone is already near!

Did you do something, but there is no one to appreciate your masterpiece?

Pet stone will support you favorably!

34.50 12.90 $


Customer Reviews

A month has passed and communication with a stone has a positive effect on everything, well, it seems to us. :))

Egor Egorov

As a psychotherapist, I can say that such things are great for introverts and those who have certain problems in social adaptation. The main thing to remember is that sooner or later you will need to go out to people! :)


Just a funny contraption, my daughter saw it, asked for it - bought it :)) It may be stupid, but for children it can be a great help for "animating the inanimate".


Funny thing! The husband said "what an idiocy", but my friends and I are delighted at work)) This one will not fly out the window, like our corporate parrot recently)

Ulyana Vladimirovna

It is included in the kit?

Pet stone

A unique breed from the shores of Lake Ladoga, which is located near St. Petersburg.

House box

Pet housing with premium quality, carefully folded straw bed.

Memo brochure

All the necessary information on caring for and communicating with a stone pet.

Versatile and original!

The pet stone has everything and nothing at the same time!
Ask your pet a question and it will help you find the answer within yourself.
Marry a pet stone, marry him, adopt and whatever you want, but only with the full consent of the pet stone!

34.50 12.90 $


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